Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Governor Ducey Again Proposing the Exact WRONG Solution to Mass Casualty Events

All of us are sickened by the brutal murders of children and teachers in Texas this week and, of course, everyone is asking, “What can we do to make sure this never happens again?”

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is once again promoting a so-called “red flag” law, which would allow anyone to claim that someone is a danger to themselves or others and have their firearms confiscated. Such laws have serious flaws.

The U.S. Constitution prohibits depriving someone of life, liberty or property without due process of law, but “red flag” laws typically do not allow one to contest the claims against them before their firearms are taken away. All it takes is an aggrieved spouse or neighbor to claim that you are dangerous to set the process in motion.

Victim’s rights advocates have pointed out that “red flag” laws are an easy way for a stalker or predator to leave their intended victims defenseless by merely claiming the victim is the one who is a danger to society and having their firearms taken from them.

Arizona law already has much better provisions to deal with those suffering from mental illness, so Ducey’s proposal is also redundant (ARS 36-520 through -526).

Use the link below to tell the governor that “red flag” laws are not a solution to mass murder.

FASTER Saves Lives

There IS a real solution to school security that has already been proven effective. FASTER stands for Faculty, Administration, Safety Training & Emergency Response and, thanks to the efforts of the AzCDL Foundation,  it is now available to schools and places of worship in Arizona. FASTER is not just about arming school personnel, it also includes training on emergency response and first aid. 

FASTER aims to stop mass murderers in their tracks and minimize the harm they can cause. Signs don’t stop criminals, properly trained and equipped teachers, administrators, and security personnel do.

Read about FASTER at the FASTER Saves Lives web site.

The governor needs to hear from you! It only takes a few mouse clicks to voice your opinion.

If you have not yet contacted governor Ducey regarding “red flag” laws, we have prepared an e-mail message you can send to his office. You may send it as is or customize it with your own comments.

Click here to send an email to the governor urging him to withdraw any “red flag” proposals.

We have also prepared a message for your Senator and Representatives urging them to resist any efforts by the governor’s office to introduce a “red flag” bill. Your legislators need to hear from you, too!

If you have not yet contacted your legislators regarding the governor’s “red flag” proposal, we have prepared an e-mail message you can send to them. You may send it as is or customize it with your own comments.

Click here to send an email to your Senator and Representatives urging them to reject “red flag” laws!

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A list of firearms related bills we are monitoring this session can be found on AzCDL’s Bill Tracking Page.

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