Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Dear Senators Petersen, Kerr, and Pace, :

Sheriff Joe Arpaio introduced me to Wendy Rogers in Nov of 2020.  She was the only candidate that Sheriff Joe endorsed that year (Kavanagh has a life-long endorsement)!  He told me she is one of the finest America First Patriots and by her overwhelming nationwide popularity, it is clear that the public feels the same way!  So does President Trump!   We need more strong legislators like Wendy!  She doesn’t just fight for Arizona, she fights for our country!  Sheriff Joe asked several of us to watch over Wendy during her new tenure as a Senator and to pass that along to Ugenti-Rita who also jumped in to help out. Sheriff Joe correctly predicted that Wendy would be prone to attacks and he sure was right.   It is an honor to know Wendy and call her my friend

Kindest regards,

>>> Heather Leigh Wallace, MS
>>> Precinct Committeeman, LD07
>>> Team Ugenti-Rita
>>> Team Sheriff Joe
>>> Team Wendy Rogers
>>> 602-754-2221